Successfully Blogging in 2021

When looking for a simple step-by-step blogging guide, it can be overwhelming, especially if one is new to the concept of blogging. Blogging has continually grown over the years and is now extremely fast, affordable, and simple to set up. The following guide is a quick reference for new aspiring bloggers or people who have previously not found success in blogging.

Starting Your Blog

Using WordPress, one can design their first blog page, but they need to prepare before getting started. Preparing requires a few things which will ensure one is equipped and ready for success. Consider the following before launching a blog.

  • What to blog about and why
  • What would be the name of the blog, and is the domain available
  • Where to host the website
  • Is the goal of making money or just creating a site?

Choosing a Suitable Niche

Before developing a blog, one needs to decide on what niche is suitable for them. At this point, research extensively to run and write a successful niche blog. At times one may choose several market niches for their blog but will require to major in one that is dear to them.

Remember, the more competitive a niche is, the more challenging it is to rank on search engines. Although that should not discourage anyone, a clear understanding of the audience will play a key role in success. The popular niche includes:

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Health and Fitness

Content Marketing Strategy

Once the site is live and content is written, one should focus on marketing and promoting their brand. Promotional methods are plenty, including PR, social media, and email marketing, but before spending on any, prepare a marketing plan. The plan will be a promotion cycle guide each time there is a new article.

Keep in mind that most people will not read through all the written material. The titles and visuals get the most attention. Hence spend as much time on promotion as in writing.

Monetize the Blog

In most cases, people start blogging to test if they can make money while doing it. However, it may be easy to start a blog but very difficult to make it profitable. Therefore to money consider understanding the audience and their needs.

There are different ways of making money through websites such as:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid banner

Turn the Blog into Brand

Turning a blog into a brand can take some time but given enough time, the audience can grow, and the website becomes a household name. To help build a brand, one needs to have a following on both the site and social media. Promote or offer services that the audience will be willing to pay for and are trustworthy.

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